Business Forward today released a new report, Business Leaders on an Independent Judiciary. It features business leaders across the country calling for an independent judiciary in response to attack by President Trump and some in Congress.

Business leaders can abide politicians questioning a judge’s reasoning, but they draw the line at questioning that judge’s authority or disregarding court orders altogether. Strong courts, reliable contracts, and the rule of law are critical to America’s economic competitiveness, and they are particularly important to small businesses because of the certainty they provide.

The business leaders’ perspectives are particularly timely as a newly appointed Acting Attorney General may take control of the Special Counsel’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, and the President has repeatedly criticized federal judges in partisan terms.

Business leaders expect the Acting Attorney General and other appointees to put justice ahead of partisan political interests.

More than 340 business leaders submitted personal statements about America’s courts.

Personal statements from business leaders followed five themes:

Our independent, fair and impartial courts are integral to our system of checks & balances. Almost a quarter of comments cited the importance of an independent judiciary to the U.S. system of government under the Constitution.

A thriving free American economy requires that the citizenry have freedom. Our checks and balances system also requires that all three parties, executive, legislative and judicial, be independent and strong. The alternative, tyranny, would kill our economy and our nation.” – GUSTAVO SEGREDO CEO/PRESIDENT, GES SOLUTIONS LLC, FREEPORT, NY

We need unbiased courts to interpret any given case, not to make law, but interpret. This keeps us balanced and fair as a society.” – MAME AUMENT ASSOCIATE INVENTORY MGT, INTRAWEST LLC, FRASER, CO

Our courts are the foundation of a robust economic system. One in five comments cited the importance of an independent judiciary to the U.S. economy, including our reputation around the world as a fair, business-friendly, and competitive place to invest.

“An independent court system is one of the pillars of a free society and a prosperous economy. Businesses thrive when our democratic institutions are protected, and without protections from the courts, our economy and free market society starts crumbling. We business owners demand that Congress defend America’s courts. It’s your sworn constitutional duty. Now go do it!” – MILLIE HERRERA PRESIDENT, THE MIAMI GROUP & ASSOCIATES, MIAMI, FL

“Business needs stability and predictability. Why should we invest in a society if we don’t get the guarantees we need to develop business?” – DR. WALTER MAISEL PRESIDENT, SERAPH, TROY, MI

Our courts level the playing field for small businesses. Nearly three in 10 comments noted that courts protect small businesses from larger companies and from unreasonable government interference.

“There needs to be a buffer between government and businesses, otherwise the governments will run roughshod over them, especially the more vulnerable small businesses. Without this way for businesses to protect themselves, there would be small incentive to even start a business.” – GC DAVIS SAN JOSE, CA

“Without a rule of law, illegal activity can thrive and drive smaller businesses out, creating monopolies, cartels, and organized crime.” -DON POSH OWNER, POSH DESIGNS LASER ART STUDIO, SPOONER, WI

Respecting the rule of law limits corruption. More than half of our business leaders’ comments noted the importance of an independent judiciary to limit corruption in government.

“The rule of law is critical for the proper working of our country. If laws are not properly enforced in country and society there will be chaos. It will make it easier for a Dictator to impose rules on our country that will curtail the proper functioning of our Democracy.” – PRADIP KAMAT PRESIDENT & CEO, INDUS INTERNATIONAL INC., BEACHWOOD, OH

“Packing the courts with partisans works against fairness, thus opening our judicial system to graft and favoritism.” – JOHN MARTINSON, FOUNDER & CONSULTANT, CHINA MIST TEA COMPANY, PARADISE VALLEY, AZ

Protecting the courts is urgent because of the actions of this Administration & Congress. Almost a third of business leaders noted that the risk of corruption and unreasonable interference is higher today than in previous Administrations.

“No one is above the law. Not Congress, not the President! All three aspects of our government MUST remain equal or our Democracy is doomed!” – DAN FITZGERALD MARSHALL, WI

“We must maintain the rule of law in this country and our Constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial. The current administration would like to do away with all rule of law and Trump wants to dictate how things are run. He must be stopped. The rule of law must be maintained.” – MARLYN NEARY COLEBROOK, NH