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Local business leaders are among the most trusted voices in America.

Business Forward Inc.

Business Forward has helped more than 270,000 local business leaders make the “business case” for climate action, affordable healthcare, immigration reform, diversity and inclusion, sensible tax laws, criminal justice reform, infrastructure investment, new trade deals, and other pro-growth reforms. Our leaders brief policymakers, work with local media, publish op-eds, submit testimony, and advocate online. We also promote their recommendations through issue briefs, survey reports, training manuals, podcasts, and social media. More than 800 mayors, governors, members of Congress, and senior Administration officials have participated in our briefings, including three presidents.

Business leaders who have participated in our briefings have seen their suggestions reflected in President Biden’s “build back better” legislation, including the Inflation Reduction Act, CHIPs Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, and the American Recovery Act. They have also helped shape the Affordable Care Act, the JOBS Act, the Clean Power Plan, five trade agreements, and more than a dozen presidential budgets.


Making the Business Case

When a business leader calls for action, it’s “news”—and Americans, hungry for leadership, are listening. By focusing on the economic costs and benefits of key reforms, business leaders can build the kind of broad community support that can end gridlock.


We Help You Fix Washington By Bringing Washington to You

Because you have a business to run, it can be hard to stay involved in the issues – even the ones that matter most to you, your business, and your community. That’s why Business Forward organizes briefings in more than 125 cities and conference calls that you can attend from your desk. Briefings are short, interactive, and free.


Help for Business Leaders Who Want to Do More

Some of the business leaders who participate in our briefings want their advice to go further. They publish op-eds, work with local media, write Congress, submit testimony, or help organize Washington fly-ins. We provide research support, alert you to public comment periods and Congressional testimony opportunities, conduct media trainings, and can help you identify local media covering your issue.

We also promote your recommendations with the general public, through research reports, earned media, events, and conferences.


You’re Not Alone

One business leader, acting alone, is unlikely to make a difference. But thousands of business leaders, working together, are hard to ignore. You pick the issues you care about, and you always speak for yourself, but you’re never out there alone.