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Washington, D.C. — Following National Cybersecurity Month, the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA) published new resources and trainings to its Digital Tool Library for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to protect their businesses and online customers this winter. Learn more about the SBDA’s Digital Resource Library here

“American businesses are searching for ways to protect their businesses and supply chains for this holiday season,” said Liz Fairchild, Executive Director of Business Forward. “Companies are emphasizing the importance of mitigating the risk and uncertainty of their daily business operations. As social engineering and phishing tactics become more advanced, it’s more important than ever to help people and organizations stay protected.”

On November 3rd, the SBDA broadcasted its fourth national virtual webinar, Tools for E-Commerce Holiday Readiness, on strengthening cybersecurity operations, at home and abroad. Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman of the U.S. Small Business Administration, SBDA National Members, and Local Allies shared remarks and trainings on e-commerce, cybersecurity, and more.

“As leaders in their community, small business leaders can help employees prepare for the holidays, protect against malevolent actors, and be vocal about the importance of safe and accessible virtual operations,” said Fairchild. 

Stream the free virtual webinar – Tools for E-Commerce Holiday Readiness – at


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