May 5, 2021

Elizabeth Fairchild
(202) 861-1270

Washington, D.C. — Today, Business Forward published a toolkit to help small business leaders support the freedom to vote. Speak Out Against Restrictive Voting Laws features best practices from some of America’s most respected companies, facts on vote security and anti-voter legislation, as well as nonpartisan resources to help you get involved.

“For years, America’s largest, most respected companies have been helping their employees register and vote,” explained Jim Doyle, president of Business Forward. “Now, those same companies are speaking out against the wave of restrictive voting laws introduced this year.”

In response to Georgia’s new election law, Microsoft President Brad Smith explained: “a healthy business requires a healthy community. And a healthy community requires that everyone have the right to vote conveniently, safely, and securely.” More than 270 companies have joined Microsoft in support of Civic Alliance’s statement protecting voting access.

“America’s CEOs are leading by example,” Doyle continued. “They are protective of their communities and the rule of law, and are too experienced in managing real-world problems to believe the misinformation surrounding voter fraud.”

A recent poll found that more than eight in ten Americans, including 72% of Republicans, would be more favorable towards a company if they supported policies to make it easier to register and vote. Eight in ten also agree that companies should stand against efforts to restrict voting.

“As more companies speak out, brand risk falls – and the risk of doing nothing rises,” said Doyle. “As leaders in their community, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors can debunk false claims of voter fraud and explain how important protecting vulnerable communities is to their state’s economy and competitiveness.”

Download the toolkit to learn how you can speak with your colleagues, employees, and neighbors about the right to vote and debunk the false claims used to justify making it harder for Americans to vote.



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