AUGUST 10, 2021

Elizabeth Fairchild

Washington, DC — Today, Jim Doyle, President of Business Forward, issued a statement in response to the Senate passing the bipartisan infrastructure deal:

“I applaud Senators from both parties for passing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. President Biden has brought Republicans and Democrats together to prioritize our economic competitiveness, create jobs, and address long-standing inequalities. 

Today’s vote demonstrates that Congress can get things done — and perhaps as important — it sets the precedent for more bipartisan action down the line, including on worker training, climate action, immigration reform, and health care. 

We encourage members of the House to support the bill and act quickly. While we understand no bill is perfect, an imperfect bill is far greater than no bill at all.”



Business Forward helps local business leaders make the “business case” for climate action, affordable healthcare, immigration reform, diversity and inclusion, sensible tax laws, criminal justice reform, infrastructure investment, and other pro-growth reforms. These leaders brief policymakers, work with local media, publish op-eds, submit testimony, advocate online, and organize their communities. We also promote their recommendations through issue briefs, survey reports, training manuals, and podcasts. More than 650 mayors, governors, members of Congress, and senior Administration officials have participated in our briefings.