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Susan Jaime

Ferra Coffee International LLC


San Antonio, TX

Often the voices of minority, woman-owned small businesses get muffled. Business Forward makes sure that I have a seat at the table of the policy debate and that my advice is heard.

Susan Jaime is the CEO of Ferra Coffee, an importer, exporter and roaster of coffee and cacao of specialty coffees. Ferra Coffee is a minority women-owned business located in San Antonio, Texas. Susan and her staff of nine employees buy beans from hundreds of small organic coffee farms in six Latin American countries, roast and package the coffee, and then sell it. Her coffee is served at many of the city’s top restaurants and abroad.

Susan regularly attends Business Forward’s conference calls and webinars. She chooses briefings based on issues that she cares about, including international trade, immigration reform, and access to capital.

After attending a fly-in at the White House, senior Administration official chose her to sit next to President Obama during a roundtable discussion with business leaders about the reauthorization and important of the Export Import Bank. The meeting garnered the attention of her local paper, which profiled Susan, her business and her experience meeting the President.

Business Forward also helped her contact her member of Congress and publish a letter to the editor.

“I’m so happy Business Forward is here for us,” she said.