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Washington, D.C. — Today, Business Forward published a toolkit small business leaders can use to promote voting resources for their employees. How to Help Your Employees Vote features best practices from some of America’s most respected companies, facts and figures on alternative voting options, and nonpartisan resources for the 2022 midterm elections. 

“America’s largest, most respected companies are helping their employees register and prepare to vote,” said Liz Fairchild, Executive Director of Business Forward. “Companies are emphasizing the importance of fair and equal voting rights. As more than 25 states have passed or introduced restrictive voting laws, it’s more important than ever to commit ourselves to helping the most vulnerable among us exercise their right to vote.”

A recent poll found that more than eight in ten Americans, including 72% of Republicans, would be more favorable towards a company if they supported policies to make it easier to register and vote. Eight in ten also agree that companies should stand against efforts to restrict voting. 

Charles Phillips, co-founder of technology growth equity firm, Recognize, shared during a recent briefing, “We represent a brand in America — fairness, voting, and democracy — that helps our companies when we walk into the room. Those values that we bring with us as Americans around the world — we all benefit from that. If we are seen as losing that at any level systemically, that is going to hurt everybody down the road. People respect American companies for a reason, and we want to retain that.”

“As leaders in their community, small business leaders can help employees prepare to vote, stand up for vulnerable voters, and be vocal about the importance of free and fair elections to their state’s economy and competitiveness,” said Fairchild. 

Download the toolkit to learn how you can help your employees register and vote and share the importance of free and fair elections for local, state, and national economies. 




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