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Washington, D.C. –

Today, the Senate will vote on the For the People Act, which the House already passed in March. Ahead of the vote, Business Forward asked business leaders to sign on in defense of democracy. So far, 670 business leaders have added their names and more than 230 have submitted comments, which are featured in the statement document released today: Business Leader Statement on the For the People Act.

Carl Villella, President of Acceptance Leasing and Financing Service in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, supports protecting voting rights because, “It strengthens my voice as a small business owner and voter who cannot afford to make big political contributions in order to be heard.” Small business owners from around the country echoed Villella and argued that the only people who prefer the current system are incumbents and entrenched, special interests.

Ski Milburn, CEO of Vairex air systems in Boulder, Colorado, said that his company “exports to over two dozen countries around the world,” but cracks in our democracy are threatening the reliable business environment he’s used to. “The last few years have hurt our stature as a U.S. company, and the emerging voter suppression is a potential death blow…” Milburn explained.

The For the People Act would prevent many of the restrictive voting laws across state legislatures from going into effect, which business leaders said will be key to maintaining a positive economic environment in their community. “Democracy will keep and attract the best and most talented people,” said Jim Cannon, Partner at System3 Analytics in Deerfield, New Hampshire.

Ritu Chattree, CEO of Community Behavioral Health Center in New York City, added that a strong democracy leads to more efficient government: “Our healthcare providers serve economically disadvantaged populations whose voices are critical to a properly functioning democracy… Without their participation, their needs will go unmet and misunderstood and ultimately require greater expenditure by the state on social services.”

For more comments from business leaders around the country, download the statement document. Click here to add your name in support, and to learn how you can further advocate for pro-voter reforms and the For the People Act in your community, find our training manual here.


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