Elizabeth Fairchild

Washington, DC — Today, a group of nine Senators released the Freedom to Vote Act. The bill is a revised version of the For the People Act, which passed the House in May but stalled in the Senate when Republicans blocked debate. Jim Doyle, President of Business Forward, issued the following statement:

“Business Forward applauds the Senators who worked tirelessly to address recommendations from a broad range of stakeholders and produce the legislation announced today. We encourage Congress to support this hard-won and well-designed compromise.

The Freedom to Vote Act, which upholds the central provisions of the For the People Act, would expand voter access, rebuild trust in elections, and prevent corruption in government.

The small business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs we serve understand the importance of making it easier for their employees to vote. Too often, employees with second jobs, night classes, carpool, and other responsibilities are unable to wait in line for hours to cast their vote. Laws designed to suppress the vote weaken communities and make it harder for those communities to attract investment and create new jobs.

Business leaders know there can be no reliable business environment without a stable political climate — this morning’s announcement is a critical step toward protecting both.”



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