Washington, DC — Today, the Supreme Court announced a 6-3 decision in West Virginia v. EPA, which prevents the Environmental Protection Agency from issuing emissions regulations across the U.S. power sector. In response, Business Forward’s Executive Director Liz Fairchild issued the following statement:

“The transition to clean power is key to our competitiveness as a nation. It is disappointing to see the Court weaken EPA’s authority and cement the lack of a national standard for carbon emissions from the electricity sector — the country’s second-largest source of emissions, behind transportation.

The U.S. has been out-invested by global competitors in clean energy for the last decade, despite the increasing trend toward renewables, which will capture 80% of global energy investments through 2050. By protecting coal- and gas-burning power plants, we are fighting market forces that cannot be reversed. The U.S. should be leading on energy, not falling behind.

Today’s announcement puts emissions reduction goals at risk and limits the economic opportunities, innovation, and job creation for small businesses in American clean power for years to come.”



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